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Marion Art Co.
A Recycling Company
Marion first fell in love with the rivers and beaches as a child, & now as time passes she sees them decline every year. Marion Art Co. is dedicated to saving our local lagoons & beaches. A portion of each sale is donated to help with ocean conservation & to save our Florida lagoons. We are involved in as many ways as we can from local sponsorship's, beach cleanup, Non-profit partnerships, and even in house refurbish and recycling. We are a special Company that uses reclaimed lumber, reclaimed paint from our local recycling plant, previously used or damaged frames, Recycled glass, & even trash we collect off the shore lines in as many products as we possibly can.
Support a local business, while supporting Florida’s waters!

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Marion Speake

Marion Speake


Marion Art Company



Marion, Born and Raised in Florida, Has been artistically inclined since childhood. Marion adventurous type, an avid dog lover, and lives a free spirited life style. Some of her hobbies outside of art include,  Paddle Boarding, Surfing, Hiking, and being a full time Traveler.  In her spare time you can find her scouting river shores and beaches for natural drift wood , and ocean treasures to incorporate into her frames, sculptures and tiki décor. She is currently in School finishing my Art / Studio Fine Art Bachelors Degree.



"My art is the closest depiction to what is going on inside of my artistic mind that’s constantly overflowing. "



Message from Marion:

"I create unique one of-a-kind Pieces, that are like no other. My expressions are shown in my bold use of color throughout my work. i enjoy creating masterpieces of the large scale to wow my  mind and audience. Most of my art appeals to the senses with wonderful texture in all of my original pieces. My preferred subject are Animals , coastal scenes, and the human form. Although I do various other works, I always get drawn back to my wonderful creatures of the earth. I like to put a spin on the norm and bring out the passion with a beautiful expression of color. "